SEO Company Review: Zeevo

Overall Rank: #2

Rating: 5/5

Our Review of Zeevo

Zeevo is New Zealand’s premier app and web development firm headquartered in Christchurch, Canterbury.

As one of the few tech-marketing companies on New Zealand’s South Island, Zeevo has seen success as an SEO company for the past 15 years. They also boast more than 1200 satisfied customers, including John Deere, Baby First, and more.

Interestingly, Zeevo also boasts “no sales team so no pressure” on their homepage. This concept is similar to our #1 SEO company WebpageFX, except Zeevo concentrates exclusively on their execution teams.

This unusual business structure is actually pretty smart. The company is fundamentally set up to serve its clients before itself, which means Zeevo is completely based on fulfilling client expectations.

If they fail their clients, Zeevo also fails themselves.

This is probably a source of motivation for Zeevo’s success. They clearly earn many clients even without a sales team, meaning they get new business purely based on merit.

With such an active execution team, Zeevo is a no-brainer for our top list. They’re also the top-ranked non-American SEO company, which they proved with a beautiful and extensive portfolio of their past work.

That work includes many Kiwi companies that are some of the most profitable and influential in the country, including PGG Wrightson.

Their diverse portfolio and unique company structure make Zeevo one of the most successful (and internationally underrated) SEO companies in the world.


“You and the team have done an amazing job in such a short space of time — I’m very impressed with your service delivery.”

“Thank you for all your work and patience — you have been sensational to work with.”

“You’ve made such an excellent job and been so good to deal with. We would like you to begin on our sister site!”