SEO Company Review: WebpageFX

Overall Rank: #1

Rating: 5/5

Our Review of WebpageFX

WebpageFX is one of the largest and fastest-growing SEO companies in the United States.

The company’s success is no accident. Their self-stated dedication to their clients has led to a 90%+ client retention rate in an industry where 50% is considered good.

With more than 100 employees, WebpageFX boasts an unusually small sales team with a robust Internet marketing team. That implies they’re more concerned with retaining current clients than earning new ones, which almost certainly contributes to their outstanding client retention rate.

WebpageFX is headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. More than 100 miles from the closest major city, the company has made a name for itself in the Central Pennsylvania region with multiple listings as the “Best Place to Work” in the state, including the #1 ranking in 2015.

WebpageFX has other clients throughout the country, but their grassroots approach to SEO has made them an economic pillar in the region.

The company also gauges its success by the success of its clients, which is clear from their homepage. The first feature on their site is a ticker that tracks the number of qualified leads, qualified calls, and ecommerce transactions that they’ve created for their clients.

WebpageFX is also proud to highlight its 322 client testimonials — more than any other SEO company in the world.

With all of this and more, WebpageFX is our #1 SEO company on SEO Companies Ranked.


“I was hesitant about switching to WebpageFX at the beginning, but now that I have I am SOOO glad I did! Everyone there is great, they know what they are doing, and if they don’t then they will find someone who does to teach them. The positive attitude shown by everyone there is really amazing, it inspires me to have the same attitude and strive to create the same work environment at my company. Thank you to everyone at WebpageFX for exceeding my expectations!”

“WebpageFX did everything they said they would do and did it on time! The whole process was very easy!”

“The group was very flexible and easy to work with and provided value throughout the process. Our project manager did a great job keeping the project on track on a very tight timeline. Solid communication throughout the process was very important to me. The design team did a great job capturing the tone, look, and feel we were trying to communicate. Pleasure to work with the team. Very good quality. Creative design team that delivered a high quality finished product. I will recommend WebpageFX to anyone in search of a web design company that delivers high quality and solid communication throughout the process. They offer a strong value in a highly competitive web design industry. WebpageFX was extremely professional and timely with their responses. They anticipated needs and was a true pleasure to work with! The overall quality of the work was excellent. The responsiveness of the team and the quick turnaround made the experience exceptional.”