Twitter’s Latest Updates And Why They Matter

Twitter UpdatesTwitter is currently prepping itself for its initial public offering, which means a few interesting things for everybody. Twitter is most definitely going to try to knock our socks off for both users and heavy investors to show its real value before publically selling its shares of stock. This past week has shown us an update that might have just done that:

Images Shown in Your Twitter Feed

The latest update included a long awaited feature that everyone wondered why they didn’t do at first. While it may have simply been a consolidation issue originally, it now appears to be even more key especially when considering the timing of it all.

This long awaited feature includes the showing of images and videos within your twitter feed. Before, all you saw was the URL for the image, forcing you to click on it to view it. Now, the image is previewed, fairly well might I add, just below the actual tweet. This creates a whole new wave of ideas and capabilities for social media marketers.

While Twitter is extremely popular, image posts simply just did not do as well as they might have done on more popular channels such as Facebook. There, the image was available in plain view for all to see without a click. This new feature will allow Twitter users to take advantage of that space for more user engagement and better clickthroughs. From now on, I can imagine that every Twitter marketer will be using images that fit well within the Twitter feed to better convey the message they want to send all while attracting more people to clicking on the corresponding link to their website.

Possibly More Ads?

While images straight in your feed is great for marketers, this may actually lead into the sight of increased ads within your feeds. This will greatly enhance the value of Twitter overall, in terms of IPO. However, it might get a little more annoying for common users when ads take up more space within your feed and distract you from the rest of your content. You knew it was coming though, right?

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