Web development is the process of creating a website and the individual parts of it that make it successful online.

Broadly, web development includes design, layout, server-side scripting, network security, and a whole range of other tasks.

In other words, if you want a top-notch website that’s secure, unique, and targeted to your ideal audience, web development is your answer.

So how do you make web development work for your business?

The answer lies in web development companies.

At SEO Companies Ranked, our expertise extends beyond search engine optimization. We also know web development inside and out, which is why we evaluated thousands of different web development companies to come up with the 10 best.

Check out our list below to start your search for your best web development partner!

The 10 Best Web Development Companies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****ToptalWebsite$$$$San Francisco, California100+
2****IflexionWebsite$$$Austin, Texas51-100
3****OpenSource TechnologiesWebsite$$Exton, Pennsylvania11-25
4***Jordan CrownWebsite$$$$Everett, Washington1-10
5***LullabotWebsite$$$$$Providence, Rhode Island26-50
6***SpiralogicsWebsite$$$Atlanta, Georgia26-50
7***DotcomWeaversWebsite$$$Paramus, New Jersey51-100
8***HashrocketWebsite$$$Chicago, Illinois26-50
9**WebpageFXWebsite$$Harrisburg, Pennsylvania100+
10**ForixWebsite$$$Portland, Oregon26-50

What Does Web Development Entail?

Web development is a popular term online, but so few people actually know what goes into it.

Web development includes:

–          Website coding

–          Web design

–          Content configuration

–          Client-side / Server-side scripting

–          Network security

–          Testing / Quality assurance

–          Refinement

–          Repeat

Website coding refers to the HTML, CSS, Java, and other coding languages used to construct a website. These languages tell your website how to function.

Web design is all about the appearance of your website. This will also include coding languages, but it’s all about how your website looks.

Content configuration deals with how you can create, modify, or delete different parts on your site. Some web developers set up content management systems for more complex website (like ecommerce), while others may use HTML pages and directly implement changes with code.

Client-side / Server-side scripting defines how your website reacts to different stimuli. Is someone logging into their account? Scripting will make sure they get to the proper pages and access the right site features.

Network security sets the safety of your website. If you take people’s personal information (especially credit card numbers), you’ll need a secure website to store it. If you don’t request personal details from your users, your security can be a little more relaxed.

Testing / Quality assurance means looking for bugs and unexpected problems within code. That could refer to how your website looks, how it works on different browsers, and a whole range of other possibilities.

Refinement refers to fixing the problems discovered in the testing phase. Refinement varies in terms of length and difficulty.

A quick fix might only take a few minutes, but a more complex problem could take days — even weeks.

These things happen with websites since it’s sometimes hard to tell how certain site elements will interact with one another, especially on large and complex sites.

Still, web development companies are the ideal partners to have for this entire process.

They make it their business to employ team members who can construct and troubleshoot websites at all times. They’ll have the know-how and resources to do all of the above tasks, even if it might take them a while to get it perfect.

Plus, the best web development companies will make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Reputable web design companies don’t cut and run when they realize there’s an error on a website that they developed. Instead, they’ll do their best to fix it so you — the client — are satisfied with the results.

The reason is pretty simple: Companies that don’t satisfy their customers also don’t last very long.

Considering web development is so competitive, it’s essential that a company do everything it can for each of its clients. That makes sure customers like you stay on board for longer, too.

That’s good for you because it lets you build a lasting relationship with a company that created your website. They’ll know how to add and change anything you want.

That’s also good for the web development company because, as any businessperson knows, it’s far more profitable to keep a client than to get a new one.

With that in mind, the relationship between you and your web development company is mutually beneficial.

As long as you work well together, respect each other, and reach for the same goals, you can maintain your relationship with your web development partner for years to come.

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