When you want to make a successful website, the site’s design has to be perfect.

The design of a website acts like the clothing of your business online, and just like clothing in real life, it speaks volumes about your company.

So when you go looking for web design, you have an important question to ask yourself: Do I want to present my business in a suit and tie, or do I want to present it in pajamas and a hoodie?

In almost all cases, the suit-and-tie wins. But that level of web design will cost you a lot more than your pajamas-and-hoodie option.

So how can you succeed when you need a well-designed website?

The answer lies in the web design company you choose.

Below, we’ve laid out a top 10 list of the best web design companies we’ve found online. Our team of experts has evaluated each company thoroughly, and we’re confident in the rankings we’ve supplied.

If you want to find a web design company that works for your business, start with our list below.

The 10 Best Web Design Companies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
Website$$$$New York City, New York26-50
Website$$Harrisburg, Pennsylvania100+
3****Hudson Integrated
Website$$$$Saddle Brook, New Jersey11-25
4***Big Drop
Website$$$New York City, New York100+
5***Motivo Media
Website$$$Austin, Texas1-10
6***Unleaded Group
Website$$$$Denver, Colorado26-50
Website$$$Chicago, Illinois100+
Website$$$$Montreal, Canada26-50
Website$$$Fremont, California26-50
10**Blue Fountain Media
Website$$$$New York City, New York51-100

Why Is Good, Unique Web Design Important?

Today, you can buy a website, host it with another company, and they’ll give you thousands of templates you can use to create your website on your own.

But when you use a template, you can bet that there are hundreds of other websites out there that look identical to yours.

After all, some templates will naturally be really good and others will be really bad. So even though a company offers “thousands,” you’re actually stuck with the top five or 10 that are already used by hundreds of other sites.

That’s bad for a few reasons.

First, it weakens your brand’s identity online.

Using a popular template — maybe one your competitors use — doesn’t give you the clear presence that you need when you’re online.

Second, it’s bad for search engine optimization (SEO).

Google and other search engines like websites that are unique. They want to see from-scratch design that isn’t used anywhere else online.

That requires a capable web design company, several weeks of planning, and lots of testing to make sure your site is as good as it can possibly be.

That takes time, which isn’t good in business — after all, time is money.

But when you have a well-designed website, it pays for itself.

Top-notch web design yields more online traffic because of its impact on SEO, and you also get more customers because of your distinct brand identity.

With that combination of high-quality, high-quantity traffic and qualified customers, you’ll earn your investment back and then some.

That’s the power of great web design, which is what all of these 10 companies offer.

Finding Your Best Web Design Partner

Our list of the top 10 web design companies is a great starting point when you want to improve your online presence.

But that doesn’t mean the best company will be your best partner.

It’s still important for you to thoroughly vet each of the companies on this list if you plan to work with one of them in the future.

Look at their websites. Find their portfolios. Check out testimonials from their clients.

If all of those look good to you, you know you can comfortably move forward with a web design company.

But if you get a bad feeling about a company — or if you notice a company has lots of bad reviews on Yelp or Google — then skip it. It’s better to skip a potentially good web design company than to contract with a potentially bad one.

Next, you can contact the web design companies that you like, talk with them, and even get quotes.

This is the most important step in finding an ideal web design partner.

If you notice that you get along with a web design company right off the bat, then they’ll probably be a good partner for you throughout the terms of your contract.

If you notice that you argue or fight with a web design company, then that sets the tone for your relationship in the future.

In other words, you don’t want to partner with a web design company that doesn’t get along with you or your business. Web design contracts can last a long time — anywhere from a few months to more than a year — so you don’t want to spend that time with a web design company you dislike.

Instead, go with your gut. Partner with the agency that understands you, your business, and your goals.

Most importantly, choose the company that’ll work with you — not against you.

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