SEO Company Review: Page Traffic

Overall Rank: #4

Rating: 4/5

Our Review of Page Traffic

Page Traffic is the first SEO company in our top five to have multiple locations worldwide.

Their headquarters is in New Delhi, India, but they also have locations in the United States and Mumbai.

With such a diverse range of office locations, Page Traffic is one of the largest SEO companies in the world in terms of locations. It’s able to afford that level of expansion because their work is world-recognized for its quality.

In fact, Page Traffic has more awards than almost any other SEO company in the world. They’ve earned accolades from India, America, and other countries that speak to their web design and marketing power.

Page Traffic also displays their real-time keyword rankings for their clients — even when their clients aren’t the #1 rank for a certain keyword.

That level of transparency speaks volumes about Page Traffic as a company, especially considering all the time and work that went into creating the tool in the first place.

With tons of talented designers, a dedicated leadership team, and dozens of awards, Page Traffic is one of the most well-known SEO companies in the world for all the best reasons.

Altogether, they come in at #4 on our overall list of the best SEO companies.


“We are very happy with the final result of the website.”

“Professional team of digital marketing professionals. They know what they are doing. Escalations were handled professionally and pain points were addressed.”

“This company is amazing. They give you a great service for a fraction of the cost of US based companies.”