SEO Company Review: OnKeting

Overall Rank: #3

Rating: 5/5

Our Review of OnKeting

OnKeting (a contraction for ONline marKETING) based out of Mumbai, India.

Even for an SEO company, OnKeting is small. But the few who work there are some of the best in the industry, including the company’s CEO Rahul Makhija.

Their stated vision declares that “Our growth as a company depends upon the success of our clients, so we see every client as a partner.”

This mentality of partner-based clients is also clear in other companies ranking in our top five, including our #1 spot WebpageFX.

The emphasis on client work means OnKeting operates less like a traditional SEO company and more like a partner-based firm. This is especially beneficial to clients that may not have marketing departments of their own, especially small- and mid-sized businesses.

Incidentally, that’s also the main customer demographic of OnKeting. They’re most interested in helping small businesses get started so that they can grow, compete, and grow again.

In general, OnKeting provides exceptional services at reasonable prices. They’re also the second international company in our top five, just behind New Zealand SEO company Zeevo.

While the difference in time zones may add an extra obstacle to OnKeting’s relationship with businesses in the Western Hemisphere, it hasn’t affected their ability to serve clients throughout the world.

Altogether, OnKeting is a solid choice for any business that wants to compete in its industry.


“I am really thankful to the OnKeting Team and especially Rahul. I was delighted with the way they handled communication with me and my staff and we always got instant answers to most of our queries. It’s been only 4 months since we hired their services and I am glad to say that I have doubled my expenditure on SEO considering the results they produced for us.”

“Excellent service from Previous companies that I hired didn’t bother explaining me about my queries or ready for active discussions on urgent matters. But I have to say that really know how to do business. Not only were they there to help me out for every small query whenever I had them, but they showed excellent results. Ranking number one for a term like ‘DVD Rental’ really helped our business grow.”

“One of my friends recommended me to and I have seen excellent results with them so far. They helped a lot with the design changes and are always available for any advice that I might need. As a freelancer, I am really glad to get my website off the ground and generate profit. I would definitely recommend OnKeting for all your online marketing needs.”