How to Find High Quality Visitors with Triberr

high quality visitors with triberr

As a blogger and information junkie, I am constantly looking for more ways to find quality content as well as ways to share my own. There are lots of channels out there that provide this whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or even Reddit. While Reddit provides a wide area of interaction, there can almost be too much participation from low quality viewers, causing your posts to be quickly shot down to the bottom of the list. Facebook and Twitter are great in that your followers will usually see your information, however, they can easily skim over your links and totally miss your content. Not to mention, the visitors to your content might not be the best quality. Your bounce rate might be really high due to traffic from these sources and you aren’t getting the conversions that you would like.

Well, the folks at Triberr may have found a solution to this!

What is Triberr?

Triberr is a new content sharing site that allows people to start and join “tribes” or groups that are related to very specific subjects. You can start your own tribe by selecting the categories you prefer, then you can start posting in it. The cool part of Triberr is the fact that only you and those that you allow can post links to content within the tribe. Other people may follow the tribe to view the quality content you share with them. This is where the quality visitors come from.

Quality Visitors, Viewing your Content

Each follower to your tribe sees your content. They choose to follow your tribe, so they would not be interested in your blog or website if they hadn’t followed your tribe. This can easily translate into a lot of quality viewers to your blog. They cannot up vote or down vote your content. The latest posts are on the top; each follower will see your latest posts to your blog. As long as you continue to post quality content, you will gain more followers to your tribe, producing more quality visitors.

Quality Visitors, Sharing your Content

Each visitor will most likely be interested in the content you share on your tribe and if it is good enough, they will want to share it as well. Thankfully, Triberr provides an extremely easy way for users to do so. When you create an account you are required to either signup with Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can then add these accounts to your profile as well. Once you see something that you think is interesting enough to share with more people, you can hover your mouse over an icon to the right of the post title. After a second or so, it will automatically share that post across your various accounts for you! Easy.

Triberr is a new unique way to get your content out there. Get more people to see your website or blog by using Triberr. Not only will you receive more visitors, but you will also find them to be of higher quality, decreasing your bounce rates and increasing conversion rates. Try it out now!

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