How Facebook Wants to Help Your SEO Team

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In this day and age, nearly every company uses Facebook to promote their products, services, blog posts, and community involvement. These SEO strategies are very effective because Facebook provides an engaging and interactive platform on which to develop your brand name, communicate with customers, and drive traffic to your website.

If you don’t already aim a huge portion of your SEO efforts at Facebook, you’re definitely going to want to change that in the near future. Facebook announced yesterday that there are definite changes in its future, and you’re going to love how they help you practice great SEO.

Customize Your Marketing Efforts

Apparently, Facebook has really caught on to its value for SEO and marketing professionals. The social networking site recently announced that it will be updating its format in a way that will specifically cater to companies and the customers they are trying to reach. This Custom Audience feature will allow marketers to specifically target people who view their company’s website or download their company’s app.

Somewhat similar to a PPC campaign, this new feature will allow companies to target their advertisements to potential customers who are already interested in their products and services. Thus, any relative conversion that your company’s website makes can be reflected in your customers’ social media pages. This has the potential to create a better customer experience, and will likely help customers better remember your brand name and services in the future.

Social Ad Retargeting

In essence, Facebook’s Custom Audience feature simply applies the concept of ad retargeting to the internal structure of Facebook. If a person visits a page on your company’s website, or downloads your company’s app, that person will begin to see advertisements and posts from your company in his or her personal newsfeed.

For example, say a man wants to purchase a new car. He goes to the website of a car manufacturer he is considering and he begins to design his brand new car. After playing around with seating options and exterior paint colors for several minutes, however, he decides to leave the webpage. More likely than not, the next time he checks his Facebook newsfeed, he’ll see a post from that car manufacturer encouraging him to finish designing his new car.

Know How Your Customers Feel About Custom Audience

Some Facebook users are going to really dislike having your company’s ads show up in their newsfeeds. Many people who use Facebook don’t mind the ads in the sidebar of their newsfeed, but inserting your marketing efforts directly into their personal stream of updates may seem like an invasion of privacy to some people.

Our suggestion: Get a feel for how your customers in particular feel about ads in their newsfeeds. You could do this through polls, email marketing, or any other methods your customers are likely to respond to. While Facebook’s Custom Audience feature could pose some great SEO opportunities for your company, it could also anger a lot of your customers.

If you do some research and discover that a significant portion of your customers would dislike your brand’s use of Custom Audience, then you may not want to use it. At least not just yet. Let those customers get used to the change first, and then you can begin customizing your audience in the future, after they’ve cooled down a bit.

On the other hand, if you find that your customers are open to having your company cater to them via their newsfeed, then go for it! If your customer’s don’t dislike the new feature then your company is looking at some great opportunities for establishing better customer experiences.

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